Thursday, May 7, 2009

Book party request!!

Hi everyone! I am hoping that today brings lots of hugs and cupcakes and happiness to your doorsteps! I am out the door soon. I am volunteering at the Christian school today. K-5 thru 2nd graders. yay!

Anyway, I was wondering if any would love to have a book party for me!! How, you ask? Well, glad you asked. I would send you a book (catalog) and an order form that you can copy. You get me $350 in orders and you will get $350 in free, yes, free arbonne products of your choice! You would also get a free membership to be a preferred customer and for a year you will get 20% off all arbonne you order. That includes if you go to a party in your area you get 20% off.

book parties are easy and fun and you get all kinds of free arbonne! Don't you just love that!? I do. :) We have had book parties before and $350 is so easy to accumulate in a relatively short amount of time. Then you get to spend time picking out your free stuff. :)

Please leave a comment or email me if you would like to do this.

Mother's Day is around the corner and men are always looking for really great things for their wives. I think a spa detox kit from arbonne would be perfect for those men to buy for their wives.

Have a perfectly lovely day everyone!!!!

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