Sunday, April 26, 2009

20% discount for you!

Remember all. Arbonne has a new preferred client system! It is so exciting!! If you pay only $29 then you get a 20% discount on anything you order! You will get your own log in ID and stuff for the arbonne site and you do not have to sell or anything! You would be a preferred client for a year. That is so great!! So take advantage of this great offer from arbonne! you can go there by clicking on picture on the right of this blog page that says you can "order from arbonne here" Use my consultant number 17102900 when you sign up as a preferred client. I am so excited about this and I know you all will love it! 20% off! Without selling! If you ever decided to become a consultant you could always do that later and I would explain how if you wanted to know but you do not need to worry about that if all you want is the super discount!!! :)

Have a great night everyone!!!

consultant ID 17102900

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