Saturday, April 4, 2009

Intro to Cupcakes and arbonne

HI!!! I am very excited about this blog!!! I plan on having giveaways and lots of fun on this blog.

I am and Independent arbonne consultant and I have to say without bias that this is the best skincare line I have ever tried. I once had a friend see me, after I had been using arbonne only a week, tell me that my face looked "fresh" that day. What a compliment! I never have compliments on how my face looks and now, all of a sudden, people are noticing my face and how great it is looking! I also love the scents they have. I am partial to the teen line. they are not teeny bopper scents at all. Just fresh, lively scents! I will have lots of info on here about things and prizes and fun stuff. Please ask me questions if you have any about any product and I will get back to you with an answer. Please, become a follower of this blog so you can get all the fabulous updates!!

Now, the meaning behind the name of this blog. Well, I love cupcakes! i think they go with everything and I would like to make it a tradition to make cupcakes in my fave colors (pink and green) for each arbonne skincare party I have. Fun, fun!!

ciao for now!

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